4 Unexpected and Inspiring Gift Ideas for March Birthdays

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Huzzah for the March baby! Each year their birth ushers in spring (and March Madness)–what’s not to love.

In the West, we have established traditional gifts of gemstones and flowers for folks born in a certain month. The “why” of what stone/flower going with what month is a little beyond me (why Peridot for August?), but hey, it’s fun to participate in a (literal, no joke) ancient tradition.

In March, those traditional gifts are:
Gemstones(s): Aquamarine and/or Bloodstone
Flower(s): Daffodil and/or Jonquil

Fair warning: gifts that honor a receiver’s birthday month have a feeling of intimacy: a family member, close friend, or partner–great! A coworker or friend you play pick-up soccer with once a month… maybe stick to donuts or a 6-pack. 

Also worth a note, women (or more feminine folks) are more likely to appreciate gifts built around their birthstone and flowers. There’s nothing innately feminine about gemstones and flowers (rocks and plants), but culturally we generally give them to women. I’ve tucked a few treats in here, though, that transcend gender. (I’m lookin’ at you, D&D dice…)

Gemstones (not jewelry)

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Before you dive into the (weighted) world of rings and necklaces, there are a lot of ways to tip your hat to the monthly gems without stepping onto a tightrope. 

Especially if this is for someone you’re dating. 

And hey, there’s a long tradition to be tapped into–some even trace birthstones (or their original inspiration) back to the Book of Exodus.

The Torah. There’s an origin story.

The two birthstones for March are wildly different looking stones that offer a lot of aesthetic options, no matter the tastes of your Marcher.

Yes, that’s the name of people who are born in March. Fight me.

Got a Dungeons and Dragons fan on your hands? Take their game night to the next level with this set of bloodstone D&D dice. Bloodstone got its name from the red “splatter” effect on the green stone. It’ll lend “street-cred” to your Adventurer. (Or is it…path-cred? Dungeon-cred?)

Whether or not they believe in Reiki, these aquamarine tea lights will certainly improve the energy in their space simply with their beautiful flickering light. 

If your Marcher is starting something new in their life–a job, a move, a marriage or child (a blog)–they’ll likely appreciate the symbolism of this acorn, crafted beautifully out of bloodstone. Whether they tuck on their desk to keep them focused while they work, or carry it with them in their pocket, it’s sure to be a reminder of their potential and your support.

Or offer some tranquility with your gift. The Relaxing Lullaby Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree by Karma and Luck is not only peaceful to look at, a portion of every purchase is donated to the Make A Wish Foundation!


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Of course, sometimes, you just wanna give a dang necklace, thank you very much! (Or, ahem, they just want to receive one.) 

Jewelry based around aquamarine, a blue stone with a naturally wide range of saturation–the darker the color, the more expensive the stone–is simple and beautiful and not unreasonably expensive. 

Bloodstone, the alternative birthstone for March, is very affordable and offers an entirely different aesthetic than aquamarine. 

Some people have a decided preference for the style of jewelry they wear. And not just while they’re going through their goth phase

Also, don’t assume their ears are pierced just because they’re a girl. If you’re unsure, take a look at any social media pics they have to see if your gift recipient commonly wears one or more kinds of jewelry. 

Rings are the trickiest to get the size for unless you straight up ask. You can always snag a ring sizer and leave it lying around to see if you can strike up a *cough cough* casual conversation about it when they ask, but your best bet is to come straight out and ask them… maybe several months before you plan to give them their gift so they have time to forget the conversation.

If you’re looking for jewelry, the rule holds: if you’re in a romantic relationship but not yet engaged, avoid rings and ring sized boxes. Don’t worry if it seems stupid to you, follow it for your own safety and sanity. (Or, hey, don’t. It’s your life!)

If you are around the marryin’ time, this wedding band offers a subtle hat tip to March babies, with a smooth inner lining of bloodstone. In fact, woodlifejewelry’s whole shop is rad, take some time to check them out. 

Before you buy any jewelry, though, try to get a sense of your Marcher’s general jewelry style. 

For earrings, consider whether they wear studs, hoops, or dangly options, and what metals they prefer. I, for one, wear simple silver studs with black stones… basically all the time. My roommate swaps out studs for hoops or dangly options on a regular basis but almost never wears gold. 

There are a huge number of options out there, here’s some starting places:

For studs, take a look at:
Silver | Gold | Raw stone | Opaque Stone | Carved Stone

Silver | Gold | Raw Stone | Smooth Stone

For Hoops or Dangly Options:
Silver | Gold

Silver | Gold

With necklaces, you want to consider weight (how chunky is their usual neckwear) and length. This is a good chart to compare lengths, but remember that if you’re gifting to someone who is more busty, the longer chains won’t reach as far. It’s true. 

Silver | Gold

Silver | Gold

And of course, let’s not forget bracelets:
Aquamarine | Bloodstone

Just skip the rings and you’ll be fine.


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Daffodils (or Jonquils, which, for all their technical legalese differences are really just a fancy way to say daffodils) are a great flower for March since they’re tied so everlastingly to the promise of spring. 

Or at least indefatigable (great word!) hope when they get smacked down by an early April frost…

Depending on whether your Marcher is a plant or cut flower enthusiast, you might snag a “bulb bowl,” if you will, or an eye-catching bouquet


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A lot of incredible things have happened in March, and a lot of impressive people have been born. As with most months. History’s been around a long time

To honor your Marcher, consider a gift inspired by a fellow March baby!

Maybe you could inspire the next Michelangelo (born March 6th). Why not try the Grumbacher Academy Watercolors set, with everything needed to get started on an art career (or hobby, or distraction, or “be quiet, I’m trying to work”) except the paper?

If your March baby has a scientific bent, there’s nothing like an Ezra Arthur comb to tease their hair up into that classic Albert Einstein (born March 14th) crown. Or you can snag a science kit to bring the kid out of even the stuffiest of adults.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg continues to inspire a whole new generation. Honor her birthday on March 15th by gifting a collection of writing in My Own Words.

No one sang it better than Nat “King” Cole. Celebrate the sweet song in your Marcher on his March 17th birthday with a new keyboard and mic. If needed, you might throw some lessons in there, too. For your sake.

Perhaps your writer would be inspired by the New England classic that was Robert Frost, born March 26th. Obvious State offers artfully illustrated quotes by a plethora of famous writers and thinkers. Go the extra mile and add a simple frame, so they can hang it right away.

Have a Little Monster on your hands? Lady Gaga was born March 28th. Pick up her vinyl album Love for Sale (or splurge and get the luxe box set stuffed with extra goodies!) with the legend Tony Bennett.

For a longer list of the many, many famous people born in March, check out this list.

Enjoy celebrating the March birthdays in your life (including, perhaps, your own?), and as always–don’t forget the cake!

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