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Gift giving has always been important to me. From my earliest memories of running down the stairs on Christmas morning, wrapped gifts have held a sense of joy, wonder, and magic. 

As I’ve gotten older, my delight in gifts and giving have only expanded. After all, gift giving takes many forms. Physical “things” can be love-filled and even life-changing. But there are other gifts–of time, of memory, of labor, of experiences–that can be just as or even more meaningful. Each year I spend hundreds of hours researching, exploring, and weighing gift options for each of my family and friends. 

On The Giver’s Roadmap, I get to share this passion and research with you!

Whether you, like me, love holidays and gifts and traditions or you participate only because you feel you must and dread gift giving all year, I hope you’ll take some time to explore the Roadmap. 

Have a challenging person in your life you don’t know how to shop for? Drop me a line on the Contact page. Looking for a gift for a dinner party, wedding, or housewarming? Use the blog tags to find the posts most relevant to you. 

A roadmap can take us to many places. I hope The Giver’s Roadmap will guide you with joy to your gifting destination.


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I’m a lifelong lover of gifts and gifting of all kinds. Here I get to share that love with you.

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